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2017-18 Hamilton Holt School Graduate 
2017-18 Hamilton Holt School Graduate [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts (Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science) Additional Information

ABACS Program Policies

Academic Policies

Transfer Credit

Practicum Experience

Thesis or Capstone Requirement

Graduation Requirements





Academic Policies

  • Students must maintain a grade point average of “B” (3.0). Students whose cumulative averages fall below 3.0 are placed on academic probation. Failure to bring the cumulative average up to 3.0 during the next semester of registration will result in academic dismissal. No more than one course in which a “C” (2.0) is earned may be included as degree credit. A course may only be repeated once. A grade of “F” or “WF” will result in academic dismissal.
  • Students may request a one-year leave of absence from the program by submitting a written request to the program director. If a student is absent from the program for more than one year (three semesters), the student must apply for readmission.
  • All credit applied to a degree program must be earned within six (6) years of the first registration.
  • Faculty members approve all academic policies for Graduate Studies programs.

Transfer Credits

Degree-seeking students may apply for transfer of up to twelve (12) semester hours of graduate-level coursework by filing out an Application for Transfer Credit form. Transfer credit is approved only when the following conditions are met:

  • Courses submitted for transfer must have been completed within the six years prior to graduation from the program.
  • Before taking a course intended for transfer, a student must submit the Application for Transfer Credit form and supply course syllabi and a course description from the course catalog that specifically describes course name, number, course requirements, and content. The student should attach a cover letter stating which course or courses the transferred courses will replace in the student’s program of studies and a rationale for the substitution. This material should be submitted to Holt Student Services.
  • Upon completion of the substitute course, a student must supply an official transcript that verifies that the course or courses being submitted for transfer were completed with a grade of “B” or better.
  • The department chair, core faculty members, and the instructor(s) primarily responsible for teaching the course(s) for which a substitution is proposed will determine if the transfer is appropriate. Courses will be approved for transfer only if there is substantial consistency between the proposed transfer course and the required course.

Practicum Experience

Three intensive practicum placements totaling 750 hours are required (250 hours each). Intensive practica are characterized by on-site and off-site supervision at least twice per week for no less than 10% of the total hours spent in the practicum.

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. has approved the following practicum courses toward the experience requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination. Applicants may need to meet additional requirements to qualify.

  1. Practicum I (BACS 671 , 2 credit hours - 250 hours of supervised experience)
  2. Practicum II (BACS 672 , 2 credit hours - 250 hours of supervised experience)
  3. Practicum III (BACS 673 , 2 credit hours - 250 hours of supervised experience

Completion of clinical hours may be required during daytime working hours. Applicants and students are advised that work or life scheduling changes may be necessary in order to complete these degree requirements.

Students should be aware that the practicum hours involve physical direct interaction with children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Students with disabilities who may require accommodation for these tasks are encouraged to initiate a meeting with the practicum coordinator and Rollins Accessibility Services Office as early as possible to discuss practicum expectations and essential requirements of the program.

Thesis or Capstone Requirement

Students may choose between completing either an empirically-based master’s thesis or a capstone project approved by the student’s mentor. Thesis and capstone requirements are detailed in the ABACS Thesis/Capstone Project Guidebook.

Students who are unable to meet the thesis or capstone project requirement by the end of the BACS 682  must register and pay for BACS 683  Thesis or Capstone Extension (at the billing rate of 2 credits). Continuous enrollment in BACS 683  is expected until the thesis or capstone project is completed.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements include the following:

  • Completion of all course requirements for the degree with a minimum grade point average of “B” (3.0);
  • Filing an Intent to Graduate form;
  • Payment of the $75 graduation fee;
  • Payment of any outstanding fees due to the College; and
  • Recommendation by the faculty

Commencement is held once each year in the spring. All degrees are awarded pursuant to the policies of the Board of Trustees of Rollins College.